About us

Chunho Vina Company Limited is well known for supplying coffee, food, spices, tea and beauty products. Chunho Vina is a brand from Korea which exists and popular from 1984 until now. Chunho Vina specializes in providing health and beauty products to foreign and domestic customers

Flaffe Coffee

Chunho Vina is proud to be the prestigious address that provides agricultural and herbs products with natural origin with the best quality as well as the most favorable prices in the market today.

With the goal to become a leading company in the field of manufacturing and supplying coffee, food and tea products not only in Vietnam and Korea, but also expanding to major markets in the world, therefore, we always work on the spirit of continuous effort to provide the best quality products for consumers.

Because of working in the field of coffee, functional foods and tea, we understand what consumers are demanding about the products than anyone else. Therefore, we always put the health and benefits of our customer in the first priority in our production and business, Chunho Vina Co., Ltd has searched and selected the quality materials to ensure the manufacturing of high quality products and ensure the heath of consumers.

Product of Chunho Vina

Flaffe Coffee

Flaffe, as the main product of Chunho Vina, is favored and trusted by Korean and Vietnamese customers due to the quality of products and raw materials.

Chunho Food

Chunho Food provides the natural nutrients products from: cocoa, black garlic, ginseng, red ginseng and other nutritious foods

Chunho Tea

Chunho Tea

We understand that tea is an indispensable part of our Asian people. Chunho has been searching for and producing natural and healthy teas called Chunho Tea